is a contemporary American poet, novelist, and photographer.

Other Risks Include

Coming March 2018, Leaky Boot Press, 93 pages, $14.99

Taking his title from the fine print of pharmaceutical advertisements, the poet addresses the risks we take, the risks we don't take, and the consequences. The title of the poem clear cache escape program helps reveals this unending struggle to confront or escape risk. How much of our lives can we say we have truly lived? the collection seems to ask. What are the risks of sleepwalking?

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Even Now The Embers

Coming February 2018, Leaky Boot Press, 93 pages, $14.99

A hospital's there now / where nightmares hid in closets / and stairwells echoed Vesti la giubba. So opens this collection of poems recalling a turbulent childhood. In these poems the poet rescues the child left behind but encounters grievances and must account for himself.

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Nothing True Has A Name

Coming January 2018, Leaky Boot Press, 114 pages, $14.99

My name has never fit my face, but what name would? I regard names and the sum of our data as excess baggage, and I explore this idea in Nothing True Has A Name, my seventh volume of poetry. It will be published Jan. 15, 2018, but it may be ordered now.

These alchemical poems challenge our compulsion to categorize and pigeonhole. They inquire deeply into the passion for containment symbolized by classical Greek vessels. The poems seek to define the idea of ennobling elixirs. The image of galleys sailing on the winds and laden with Greek amphorae tied to each other by their necks haunts this collection. The poet concludes that names inevitably mislead us. He urges us to transcend them, not revel in them.

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Riding Thermals to Winter Grounds

2017, Leaky Boot Press, 114 pages, $14.99

One day the poet climbed Overlook Mountain in the Catskills. An eagle began riding a thermal column in great circles, wings outstretched and motionless. In one circle the eagle came close–poet and eagle stared into each other's eyes. The poet came to see the incident as a metaphor for old age–riding the thermals of experience. Most of these poems were written with that incident on the mountain in mind.

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Shadow of the Heron

2016, Coda Crab Books, Seattle, 96 pages, $16.99

A man recounts his dervish journey, perceiving that his ultimate task is to disappear. What sort of creatures have friends? he asks as the collection opens. None who wear this kind of face, he answers. The contents pages are structured as a poem, suggesting thirst for oneness, and describe his voyage of discovery.

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Brash Ice

2014, Leaky Boot Press, 100 pages, $14.99

Brash ice is broken ice that appears scarred after freezing again. The poet looks back on a dervish's trek through the world of illusions and tells us what beguiled, enlightened, froze, broke, and scarred him.

"Marbrook's collection plays on this meaning of light and life throughout and especially in the concluding section."
–Michael T. Young

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Brushstrokes and Glances

2010, Deerbrook Editions, $16.95

". . . one of those colossal poets able to bridge worlds–poetry and art, heart and mind–with rare wit, grace, and sincerity . . . "
–Michael Meyerhofer, poetry editor, Atticus Review.

" . . . the poems here about museums, galleries, and studios are as penetrating as the ones about the art . . . testify to years of careful seeing."
–Maggie Anderson, author of Windfall: New and Selected Poems

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Far From Algiers

2008, Kent State University Press, $15

Winner of the 2007 Stan and Tom Wick Poetry Prize and the 2010 International Book Award in poetry, Far From Algiers explores the poet's feelings of not belonging to family or country.

". . . as succinct as most stanzas by Dickinson . . . an unusually mature, confidently composed first poetry collection."
–Susanna Roxman, Prairie Schooner

" . . . brings together the energy of a young poet with the wisdom of long experience."
–Edward Hirsch, Guggenheim Foundation

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